Aging Concerns, Challenges, and Everyday Solution Strategies (ACCESS) for Late-Deafened Individuals

Seeking older adults (ages 60-80) with long-term hearing loss or deafness for a research study.

Study involves an interview (on Zoom or by phone) and completing questionnaires.

Participants must

Zolzaya Byambasuren

Zolzaya Byambasuren is a junior studying Molecular and Cellular Biology. After graduation, she plans to attend dental school. 

Zolzaya’s research interests include understanding health technology, improving access to quality health care, and human-robot interaction. 

Melissa Suarez

Melissa Suarez is a senior studying Interdisciplinary Health Sciences with a concentration in Health Behavior Change. After graduation, she plans to pursue a Doctorate in Physical Therapy.

Melissa’s research interests include health communication, healthcare access, and health interventions for successful

Olivia Rojas

Olivia is currently a junior majoring in Community Health with a concentration in health administration and planning and rehabilitation, with a minor in health technology. After graduation, she plans on furthering her education and attaining a MHA. 

Olivia’s research interests

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