Digital Home Assistant Intervention Study

The goals of this project are 1) to assess the feasibility of the intervention protocol and identify active components and diagnostic measures of the intervention; and 2) assess the intervention efficacy to evaluate the extent to which the digital assistant applications and instructional protocol are feasible, practical (i.e., useful, usable) and lead to positive health […]

Developing Instructional Support for Digital Home Assistants

Aim 1 of this development project is to follow the principles of rapidly-executed, rigorous processes to yield a suite of voice-activated digital assistant applications for the following tasks: environmental control, healthcare reminders, physical activity engagement, and social interaction. Aim 2 is to reach proof of adoption for an instructional protocol that enables independent use of […]

CHART-CRIS Amazon Echo Demonstration Study

The purpose of the CRIS-Healthy Aging and Collaborations in Health, Aging, Research, and Technology (CHART) at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign demonstration-study is to investigate older adults’ use of the Amazon Echo Show. This collaboration uses the expertise of both programs to produce a robust and holistic demonstration of these technologies’ usefulness among older adults. […]