Amazon Alexa

Assessing the Efficacy of Digital Assistants to Support Health and Independence

The aim of this project is to 1) to assess the feasibility of the intervention protocol and identify active components and diagnostic measures of the intervention; and 2) assess the intervention efficacy to evaluate the extent to which the digital assistant applications and instructional protocol are feasible, practical (i.e., useful, usable) and lead to positive health behaviors for people with long-term mobility disabilities.

Research Team

PI: Travis Kadylak, Co-PI: Ramavarapu "RS" Sreenivas. Team: Wendy A. Rogers, Lyndsie Koon, Kenneth Blocker, Widya Ramadhani, Roshanak Kaleghi, Adithi Murthy, Chris Kovak, Saahithya Gowrishankar Community Partners: Community Research and Resource Information for Seniors (CRIS).