Harshal Mahajan

Doctor of Philosophy: 
Rehabilitation Science, University of Pittsburgh, 2012

Bachelor’s Degree: 
Biomedical Engineering, University of Mumbai, 2004

Harshal Mahajan is a Research Assistant Professor in the college of Applied Health Sciences. He serves as the Assistant Director of Research for the Living in Interactive Future Environments (LIFE) home research center where he manages research and development activities with smart home and robotic technologies. His educational background is in biomedical and rehabilitation engineering.
His research interests include developing and evaluating smart assistive technologies, evaluating rehabilitation intervention strategies, understanding barriers and facilitators that influence health and function in older adults and individuals with disabilities. Other interests include development and psychometric evaluation of clinical assessment tools and for evaluating universal design aspects of workplaces.

He is a principal investigator of a NIDILRR funded Disability and Rehabilitation Research Projects grant for evaluating feasibility and efficacy of a fear of falling intervention for individuals with Multiple Sclerosis. As part of the Human Factors and Aging lab, he supports research activities of the two NIDILRR funded Rehabilitation Engineering Research Center grants. His role further extends to supervising and mentoring student projects in the MS in Health Technology program.

He completed his graduate training in clinical research at the wheelchair center for excellence at the Veteran Affairs, Pittsburgh. His doctoral and post-doctoral research comprised of iterative development of two assistive technology systems and their clinical assessments with older adults, people with spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries, and those with neurological disabilities because of cerebral palsy and multiple sclerosis.

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