younger woman doing paperwork at a table with an an elderly man

Digital Assistants to Support Health and Independence: Development and Instructional Support

Voice-first digital assistant technologies, such as the Amazon Echo, may offer adults adults aging with a disability effective support across varied activities of daily living. However, as these technologies are only recently emerging, more research is needed to understand the older adults' preferences regarding the design, ease of use, and effectiveness of these devices to allow for the delivery of these potential benefits. Thus, the first aim of this project is to follow the principles of rapidly-executed, rigorous processes to yield a suite of voice-activated digital assistant applications for the following tasks: environmental control, healthcare reminders, physical activity engagement, and social interaction. The second aim is to reach proof of adoption for an instructional tool that enables independent use of digital assistants and related smart and connected technologies for older adults aging with mobility disability. This research is informing the design of an upcoming smart technology intervention for older adults over the age of 65 aging with a disability.

Research Team

PI: Travis Kadylak, Co-PI: Ramavarapu "RS" Sreenivas. Team: Wendy A. Rogers, Lyndsie Koon, Kenneth Blocker, Widya Ramadhani, Roshanak Kaleghi, Adithi Murthy, Chris Kovak, Saahithya Gowrishankar Community Partners: Community Research and Resource Information for Seniors (CRIS).