The research mission of the Human Factors & Aging Laboratory is to design technology that supports successful aging.  We use mixed methods (quantitative and qualitative) to understand the unique needs and preferences of older adults.  We actively engage older adults who have varying perceptual, motor, and cognitive capabilities in all of our research projects, working with them to develop and deploy technologies that will improve their quality of life.

Understanding User Needs

Our needs assessment projects focus on identifying challenges older adults experience in everyday activities. We work with older adults with a range of backgrounds to explore their unmet needs in healthcare, communication, transportation, leisure, home maintenance, work/volunteering, social activities, and community participation.

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Human Robot Interaction

We explore the potential of robots to support older adults in their everyday activities. The robots include assistive, pets, social, telepresence, mobile manipulators, and telehealth. Our focus is on the HUMAN side of the human-robot interaction.

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Health Technology

Our health technology projects include mHealth, web portals, medical devices, and telehealth systems. Our goals are to support medication adherence, health self-management, healthcare provider communication, health education, management of chronic conditions, and general wellness.

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Jeannie K Lee and Kathleen C Insel at the University of Arizona
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