elderly woman with walker, smiling, sitting with a band

The TechSAge Minimum Battery

The TechSAge Minimum Battery: A multidimensional and holistic assessment of individuals aging with long-term disabilities

BACKGROUND: People with disabilities acquired in early to mid-life are living longer, contributing to growing numbers of older adults who are aging with disability, an understudied population likely to be underserved.

OBJECTIVES: This paper demonstrates the usefulness of the TechSAge Minimum Battery as a holistic assessment of health for people aging with disabilities.

METHODS: Survey data of socio-demographic and health characteristics were collected from 176 older adults with long-term vision, hearing, and/or mobility disabilities. A series of descriptive and bivariate analyses were conducted to illustrate the heterogeneity of the sample. An in-depth analysis of the subsample with vision difficulty was conducted to highlight the tool's value in assessing detailed contextual information for a specific disability.

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