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Visiting Scholars

  • Willy Barnett – visited Summer of 2014 from the University of Manchester in England to conduct part of his dissertation research on human-robot interaction
  • Lorenza Tiberio – visited Spring and Summer of 2012 from the University of Rome, Italy to conduct research on caregivers’ attitudes toward robotic assistance with home healthcare services
  • Qin (Tom) Tang – visited Fall of 2011 from Tokyo Institute of Technology in Japan to conduct research on affect (emotion, mood, and feeling) toward technology
  • Wang-Chin Tsai – visited Summer 2011 from National Yunlin University of Science and Technology to conduct research on the design of training/instruction materials and pain management
  • Kathryn Thomas – visited Summer of 2007 from University of Southern California Gerontology Center
  • Olivier Blanson Henkemans – visited Fall of 2006 from Delft University of Technology & TNO
  • Anne-Sophie Melenhorst – visited Fall 2000 through early Spring of 2001 from Eindhoven University of Technology