Hello Robot Collaboration

Our team is currently performing research and development with Hello Robot’s Stretch RE1 robot in the McKechnie Family LIFE Home. We are performing task analyses, developing novel end-effectors, and testing the control interface. In addition, our team recently submitted a NIH SBIR Phase I proposal with Hello Robot Inc. aimed at tailoring Stretch to the […]

Older Adults Talk Robots

This project serves as both a qualitative research study as was as an opportunity to engage in participatory design for several robots that are currently being iteratively developed by industry partners and engineers at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign.

A Mixed Method Investigation of Robot Social Characteristics, Trust, and Robot Acceptance

Robots are becoming pervasive throughout contemporary society, including the context of domestic activities. Even though people know that robots do not have human motivations or feelings, robots tend to naturally elicit socioemotional reactions from people; that is, people interact with, and often respond to, robots as authentic social actors. This study examines robot social characteristics/capabilities […]